Enduro Series Goes to Farm Lichtenstein

RIDERS are set to face the toughest race of the season as they head to Farm Lichtenstein on Saturday, 15 March, for the second round of the Bank Windhoek Namibia National Enduro Series.

Farm Lichtenstein, which is situated just behind Omeya Estate outside Windhoek, has one of the toughest race courses. The course, which has been changed almost completely, provides an array of stunning and scenic technical sections for the bikers to tackle.

The National Bikes Class will be greeted by a whole new track consisting mostly of single tracks, new mountain passes and river sections which will challenge the fitness and bike skills of the bikers unlike any other race.

The Quad Bikes Class will be riding their old route to a great extent with a couple of minor changes. Their route is also regarded as one of the toughest on the calendar and technical skills and fitness will definitely be challenged more, than at the last event which took place at Farm Omakwara last month.

“The standard of racing and training has picked up tremendously over the past few years with riders being more eager to do well at races than ever. Riders are training every day of the week and riding twice on weekends. The field of riders has become extremely skilled and extremely competitive. Therefore, we expect to see good competitive racing as the point leaders want to stay ahead of the very eager chasing pack for both Quads and Bikes alike,” said Andreas Brendel, chairman of the Namibia Enduro Club.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the event as this race is sure to be an interesting one with a technical river section, 500m from the pits and an obstacle course at the end of each lap which is 50m from the pits. This should be very entertaining and is all within walking distance from the pits.

Sanitation facilities will be available for spectators.

To get to the venue one has to travel south from Windhoek on the Rehoboth road to Omeya. Then you will have to drive through Omeya. Directions will be clearly marked on the day.

Source : The Namibian