Engineer Gets Date for Trial On Rape Charges

THE trial of a civil engineer accused of raping women in Windhoek and in the Rundu area is due to start in the Windhoek High Court in January 2015.

Epafroditus Ndokotora Unengu was informed of the dates for his trial when he made an appearance in the High Court on Thursday. Judge President Petrus Damaseb told Unengu (33) that his trial is scheduled to take place before Judge Christie Liebenberg from 19 January to 6 February next year. Unengu remains free on bail of N$30 000.

He is set to be tried on two charges of rape and three counts of attempted murder. He has indicated that he would be denying guilt on all of the charges.

The prosecution is alleging that Unengu attacked and raped a woman in the Kavango West Region on 9 July 2011.

The incident allegedly happened after Unengu had agreed to provide transport to the woman in his car. It is alleged that Unengu stopped the car under the pretence that he had run out of fuel while on the way from Nkurenkuru to the destination where the woman wanted to go.

He is accused of having then grabbed the woman and that he throttled her, threw her to the ground and raped her. It is further alleged that after he had raped her he again assaulted her by punching her and putting soil into her mouth.

The second incident is claimed to have taken place on 6 November 2012, when Unengu allegedly drove a car that looked like a taxi and picked up a young woman who wanted to go to the Northern Industrial Area in Windhoek.

On the way to her destination, the driver stopped the car, claiming that he wanted to relieve himself, it is alleged. When the woman tried to get out of the car, Unengu allegedly grabbed her by her throat and strangled her, before he raped her.

The complainant managed to escape when another car approached the scene.

During a bail hearing in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court near the end of 2012 Unengu told the court that he was denying the allegation that he had raped the woman in the incident in November 2012.

He testified that he decided to give the woman a lift in his car because she tickled his fancy when he saw her standing next to the road, and claimed that she consented to having intercourse with him.

Unengu got married three months before that incident, which took place while he was free on bail on charges flowing from the alleged incident that had taken place in the Kavango West Region in July 2011.

He was held in custody for about eight months before being granted bail in the High Court in July last year.

Source : The Namibian