Equipment Boost for SMEs

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at Aus in !Nami#nus Constituency in the Kharas Region have received assistance from Aus Community Conservation Trust.

Nine of the beneficiaries, who received equipment worth a combined N$19 000, were also assisted a few months ago by the Kharas Regional Council. The Kharas Regional Council assisted the SMEs through the small and medium enterprises development initiative in Aus.

Aus Community Conservation Trust deputy treasurer Daniel Loubser said the trust saw it fit to meet the government half way by supporting SMEs in fulfilment of its aim for sustainable development and uplifting the living standards of the community. He also implored beneficiaries to look after the donated equipment and to work hard so that they sustainably create jobs for others.

!Nami#nus Constituency Councillor Jan Scholtz during the handing over of the equipment and stock applauded the Aus Community Conservation Trust for the noble gesture. He quoted President Geingob as having stated, “No one must be left out”, including the residents of Aus.

Scholtz appealed to other companies in Aus to emulate Aus Community Conservation Trust.

Among the beneficiaries were a group that received bags of potatoes and other items as stock to start a mini market as well as Anne’s Enterprise that received a freezer to open a meat market.

Twelve SMEs received equipment at the beginning of February 2015 from Kharas Regional Council through the SMEs development initiative in Aus Settlement.

Source : New Era