Equipped Dancers to Host National Dancing Day

EQUIPPED Dance Academy, with the support of Goethe Zentrum, are hosting the Annual Namibian Dance Day (ANDD), which will be celebrated on Saturday, 22 November.

The ANDD is aimed at celebrating dance, to reveal the universality of this art form and to cross all political, cultural and ethnic barriers and bring people together with a common language.

“Dancers face a lot of challenges in Namibia today. We don’t always get invited to perform at awards ceremonies and we would like a chance to showcase our talents,” Equipped Dance Academy managing and creative director Stanley Mareka said.

The event will start with a street parade from TransNamib to the Goethe Zentrum at 07h00, but the main venue is at the Goethe Zentrum’s parking lot opposite Zoo Park and across from the High Court.

Not only will audiences enjoy dance, but raising funds will be one of the main priorities to create national awareness on dance and promote a healthy lifestyle among the young and old.

Inspired by television shows such as the ‘Step Up’ franchise and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, Mareka says that dance has the potential to bring together individuals from different backgrounds to make a positive impact in the dance industry all around the world.

“I decided to be selfish and think about us as dancers by hosting the biggest ever dance show in Namibia. Events such as these open up doors for us. Instead of going to sponsors, we wanted the sponsors to come to us.”

The entire project started off through the Equipped Dance Academy’s determination to raise funds through the corporate world, car wash projects and high school projects.

Speaking about the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) 2015, Mareka said he would love to perform. “I think the NAMAs are the NAMAs because of the dancers. The different styles of dancing provide a lot of entertainment for the audience.”

Dance companies who would like to participate are requested to perform for 20 minutes only. Here, they can use their own music to give the audience an opportunity to discover who they are.

Sponsors are invited to support the project and in return receive extensive brand promotion at the event.

Source : The Namibian