Erongo Police Call for Peaceful National Election

ERONGO police chief Commissioner Samuel Hoeumlbeb met political leaders in the region last week to discuss how parties should conduct themselves before and after elections to ensure peace.

He warned them that any politically-motiovated provocation and violence will be dealt with according to the law, irrespective of the party affiliation of the culprits. Leaders of Swapo, RDP, Swanu and DTA held consultations with Hoeumlbeb on how the political parties will encourage their supporters to conduct themselves in a peaceable manner, so that the police can focus on fighting other serious crimes. “I don’t see any leadership instigating violence. If it happens, we will take appropriate action,” he said. “We don’t want campaigns where people are intimidated, chased around and threatened,” he said.

Some of the issues that will receive attention are related to the organisation of events: rallies taking place at the same venue or next to one another and timely notifications and arrangements for rallies, marches and street protests.

He said the tendency by supporters of one party to provoke supporters of a rival party will not be tolerated.

“We will sort this out now so that the process is streamlined and ready for free and fair national elections,” Hoeumlbeb said.

Source : The Namibian