Erongo Red Launches Customer Care Call Centre

ERONGO’s electricity distributor Erongo RED yesterday officially launched its customer care call centre in Walvis Bay.

The centre, which cost about N$850 000, will start with six trained agents that will deal with customers’ general queries, complaints and technical issues.

During the training phase from 1 January to 28 February, nearly 19 000 calls were handled by the centre. Currently, the agents handle about 200 calls and 100 emails a day from customers throughout the region.

“Through this we hope to decrease the number of unresolved customer complaints and queries,” said Acting General Manager for Commercial Services Nico Niemand at the launch.

Erongo RED CEO Robert Kahimise said that the company will soon release a customer service charter in which a promise to address issues in “reasonable time” will be made to customers.

“It is about time utilities such as this should start providing customers with this type of guaranteed service. Customer service is evolving and we need to be part of it,” he said.

The software used in the call centre will log and register all calls and tracks will be kept of how soon these calls will be resolved.

The centre’s toll-free number is 081 9600.

Source : The Namibian