EU also observing 2014 Namibian elections

WINDHOEK: Twenty-nine individuals from various European countries will observe the Presidential and National Assembly elections on Friday.

They occupy various diplomatic positions in Namibia, and make up the European Union (EU) Diplomatic Watch for the 2014 Namibian elections.

One of the delegates is the European External Action Service (EEAS) Desk Officer for Namibia, Massimo Pronio.

He also serves as Desk Officer for Botswana, and has covered EU work with Africa for the last decade.

A statement by the EU Delegation in Namibia earlier this week said Pronio’s visit forms part of the EU’s goal to strengthen bilateral political relations with Namibia and to reinforce cooperation.

The other delegates are:

Delegation of European Union – Raul Fuentes Milani (Head of the EU Delegation in Namibia), Zuzana Beranova, Jean-Paul Heerschap, Raniero Leto, Anja Smid, Laura Gotthardt, Lea Malkmus

British High Commission – Marianne Young (High Commissioner), Hans-Christian Mahnke

Embassy of Finland – Anne Saloranta (Head of Mission), Kari Saloranta, Eliisa Hanninen

Embassy of France – Jacqueline Bassa-Mazzoni (Ambassador), Alexandre Peaudeau

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany – Onno Huckmann (Ambassador), Martina Olczyk-Huckmann, Annegret Al-Janabi, Slavica Kinne, Ullrich Kinne, Lucie Leiber, Jana Wall, Laura Sofie Schnieders

Embassy of Spain – Carmen Diez Orejas (Ambassador), Antonio Avia Aranda, Marta Mendez Diaz, Olga Merino Hernandez

Embassy of Portugal – Dr Helena Alexandra Andrade Furtado de Paiva (Ambassador), Joao Manuel Freire de Almeida Pires