Evicted Police Officers Are Illegal – Tjivikua

NAMIBIAN police deputy inspector general James Tjivikua yesterday said the police officers at the old TB ward are there illegally.

Tjivikua said the police made use of the TB ward of the health ministry in 2002 as a temporary quick response unit due to the crime escalation in the region at the time.

In the same year, the police approached the ministry to acquire the building on a permanent basis but found that the building already belonged to the Namibian Defence Force.

He said the NDF in 2006 gave notice to the police to vacate the premises. All police officers who resided there at the time, were relocated.

All members who are on the site, including the Special Field Force directorate, housed themselves with their families illegally after everyone was relocated, said Tjivikua.

The Namibian on Tuesday visited the Bravo Base situated near Brakwater, where VIP protection guards, special field force, and reserve force were accommodated.

Chief inspector Peter Shapumba said the new unoccupied quarters at the base were built in 2011 and were meant to accommodate some of these officers who are being evicted but had declined to move.

The Namibian observed new buildings, with 24 bedrooms where 48 officers can be accommodated. Each room has two three-quarter-sized beds and a locker where the officers can keep their belongings.

The officers who are already living at the base live in hostel-like conditions. The food is cooked for them and they cannot own furniture or accommodate any of their family members. Police spokesperson Edwin Kanguatjivi, who visited the old TB ward on Tuesday, took the names of police officers there saying police houses and flats that in Windhoek are all occupied.

The group’s spokesperson, Haufiku Mandume, had at the time said they will not go anywhere as they have families.

NDF spokesperson Lieutenant Monica Sheya said there are NDF bases here in Windhoek and across the country, and that there is no reason why people should be living in such squalid conditions.

Source : The Namibian