Exhibitors unhappy with security at Crayfish Festival

LÜDERITZ: Exhibitors taking part in the Crayfish Festival in Lüderitz say they are disappointed after losing property because of what they say was poor security measures at the event.

The festival started last Wednesday and ends Monday.

Many of the corporate exhibitors could be seen packing up when Nampa visited the festival on Sunday morning, frustrated at the loss of some of their property.

The Namibia Airports Company (NAC)’s spokesperson, Dan Kamati said they lost two bags used to store the company’s banners in, as well as a table cloth. He would not say what the value of the lost items is.

“The security at this place is very poor. In the evening people would come into the tent and drink here,” he said while packing up the company’s belongings.

A representative of TransNamib, Nuuyoma Neshiku said they found empty bottles in the tent and it is suspected that people consumed alcohol there.

Neshiku said the exhibitors were informed that the tent which was divided into 20 stands would be guarded throughout the festival, which he claimed did not happen.

“The Namibian Police Force was supposed to assist the security guards in guarding our property at night because we could not pack and unpack everything every day,” he said.

An employee of the Ministry of Finance’s Customs and Excise Directorate said he was disappointed in the security companies contracted to maintain order at the festival.

“There is no proper security here. We found our materials scattered all over the place and the tent full of empty bottles,” he stated.

He was also not too happy with the low turnout of visitors to their stand to obtain information on the mandate of this department within the Ministry of Finance.

“This is a very important department where people have to get information so they know what they can import and export through the Namibian borders,” he noted.

He urged any person intending to export or import products to enquire about the relevant requirements and procedures needed to go through the borders in order to avoid disappointment.

Over 100 corporate companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) showcased their products and services at the seventh Crayfish Festival held under the theme ‘Celebrating Crayfish in Diversity’.

Ja Vaal Security Company, G4S and Titus Security Company were contracted to maintain order during the festival held at the Lüderitz Waterfront.

Attempts to obtain comment from the organisers on the security issue were futile.

The sponsors of the Crayfish Festival include Namibia Wildlife Resorts, the NAC, Air Namibia, Standard Bank Namibia, Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC), the Namibian Port Authority, Social Security Commission, NamPower, Namibia Phosphates, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development.