Exotic trees to be harvested in Rundu

RUNDU: The Directorate of Forestry will soon advertise a tender for the harvesting of four exotic tree species growing on the outskirts of Rundu.

These trees are currently being harvested illegally, and sold as timber.

The Chief Forester for the North-eastern regions within the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Michael Otsub told Nampa today that his office wrote a submission to Treasury in the Ministry of Finance to put the timber-harvesting on tender.

Once this approval is granted, the tender will be awarded to the highest bidder to harvest and sell the timber to the public on behalf of the directorate.

Before its sale, the directorate will first have to determine its market value in order to set the right selling price.

This directorate in the two Kavango regions was supposed to harvest the four exotic tree plantations in 2010 already, but this never took place, and the trees are now overgrown.