’Explorations in Food and Cooking’ On At La Bonne Table

‘Explorations in Food and Cooking’ showcases the work of food writer and photographer Christie Keulder whose food column, ‘The Curious Kitchen’ is published every Friday in The Weekender.

Driven by curiosity, Keulder pursues the unusual and extraordinary in our everyday food. For this exhibition, the camera is used as both knife and microscope and becomes a tool with which to dissect, explore and describe. The resulting images are both scientific and artistic and aim to establish a close personal bond between the viewer and their food.

The exhibition started on Monday, 8 June and will run until Saturday 4 July at Restaurant La Bonne Table at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre (FNCC). Entrance is free. Contact Keulder for more information on 0811291511.

Source : The Namibian