Export Conditions on Export Permits Revised

The pressure is mounting for the Namibian export industry to ensure credibility and transparency with the South African Veterinary Authority given the recent phasing out of the stringent requirements as it was required by the RSA import certificates.

To ensure credibility and ease the control mechanism Measures from the South African Veterinary authority, the following measures will be required from the industry when applying for the export permit. The application should clearly state the following

Name of destination (clearly state the name of the farm, feedlot or an abattoir)

Physical address – Farm number abattoir street address

Purpose of export (feed lots amp slaughtering)

GPS coordinates of the facility (although the permits won’t reflect the coordinates, the Meat Board agents will be required to send a list of all the destinations together with their coordinates to the Meat Board on a weekly basis)

Please note that these measures are aimed at ensuring transparency and in turn to avoid unnecessary trade disruption. You are herewith requested to bring these new requirements under the attention of all your respective members.

Source : New Era