Extensive Road Repairs Underway

THE aftermath of the good rainy season has unfortunately taken its toll on our road networks in and around Windhoek. And motorists who have struggled to navigate their vehicles over the damaged surfaces and nasty potholes that have sprung up like mushrooms, can breathe a sigh of relief because road repairs are now underway.

As a city that prides itself in keeping our roads in a first class condition the City of Windhoek’s roads and storm water department has wasted no time in pulling in contractors to fix, re-seal and re-surface the damaged portions of road.

So it is that time again, when cars are being flagged down urging them to drive cautiously as teams of road construction workers set about their work, with currently detours and closed roads starting to test the patience of motorists.

In particular, one large stretch of road that is receiving attention is the end portion of Sam Nujoma Drive leading onto the airport road, which has been completely closed off, forcing traffic to take alternative routes.

Contractors, Namibia Road Products and Services who have been awarded the tender, have unleashed teams of workers to commence the costly repair project. Men and women employed for this back breaking job, backed up by heavy artillery machinery, rollers and tarring machines have moved in.

According to Dirk Reed it was necessary to wait for the heavy rain falls to subside before work could begin. And it has been requested that motorist exercise patience and caution, whilst driving past the road works sections.

Source : New Era