Ezystove Benefits Thousands of Households

Presently there are about 1 000 ezystoves in use in Namibia benefitting over 4 000 rural households without electricity, of which women head 75 percent.

The ‘cook with ezystove, save our tree project’ is an initiative by Creative Entrepreneur Solutions that cuts the use of firewood when cooking. In a 2013 annual report released by the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) an estimated 90 percent of rural households in Namibia depended on firewood for their cooking and heating needs.

The report states the widespread practice of cooking over open fires is highly fuel-inefficient and is a major cause of deforestation in Namibia’s more densely populated areas.

Further, the report says it is also a major cause of respiratory illnesses, mainly for women and children who typically bear responsibility for preparing meals.

“While providing jobs and training for the people working on these energy efficient stoves, the project has also developed a local market for the commodity with people in the informal settlements of Katutura particularly responsive to this affordable and in-demand cooking tool,” the report further noted.

The project is in the process of negotiating with carbon-offset investors to finance the production and distribution of a massive 400 000 ezystoves in Namibia.

Equally the EIF says on average one ezystove is about N$2 772 in income saved or 1 300 fewer hours spent collecting fuel wood, which hours can be used in more productive activities. About a 60 percent reduction in toxic emissions has also been recorded. “Potentially the … mother or child is saved from smoke inhalation or severe burns from open fires,” it stated.

The ezystove project won the momentum of change award by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Doha, Qatar during the Convention of Parties 2012.

Source : New Era