Fabupharm Signs Agreement With SA University

FABUPHARM Pty Ltd announced the signing of an agreement of collaboration with the Northwest University in South Africa (NWU).

This agreement will enable Fabupharm and the NWU to share product development and patent information, and collaborate on product research.

The focus of the collaboration is mainly on two patents, which include a broad spectrum antibiotic (Azithromycin), and an ARV drug (Nevirapine) used by HIVAIDS patients. This will be a first for Namibia as the medicines are manufactured locally.

Fabupharm recently appointed RW Odendaal as its quality assurance pharmacist. During his time at the university, Odendaal researched and developed these patents. The ownership of the patents remains with the NWU. To enable Fabupharm to manufacture these patents, the company approached the NWU for collaborating opportunities.

“Currently, Fabupharm is also supporting Unam’s School of Medicine by taking in pharmacy interns every year. Through this agreement, local students will be exposed to the research and product development of the patents,” said Odendaal.

“Fabupharm’s mission is to provide quality products at affordable prices. By manufacturing the medicines locally, we aim to offer these normally expensive medicines at more affordable prices,” said Fanie Badenhorst (Snr), managing director at Fabupharm. “We don’t have too much exposure to exchange rate volatilities, because we are manufacturing locally and only import raw materials. Local manufacturing helps to keep our prices stable,” he explained. “Other positive impacts of manufacturing the antibiotic and ARV locally will be an increased investment at the factory, which again will necessitate employing more local people.” Presently, Fabupharm is employing 70 locals from the Otjozondjupa region.

Fabupharm is planning quite a few new expansions for the next two years. “We are in the process of acquiring an additional liquid filling line in order to double the production of our registered medicines, which we supply to the Government Central Medical Stores,” said Fanie Badenhorst (Jnr), chief operating officer (COO).

In order to support its expanding product line, Fabupharm is planning the setting up of a new tablet, capsule and sachet plant for completion by June 2016. “It is a complete World Health Standard (WHO) approved facility,” said Badenhorst (Jnr).

He furthermore explained: “Due to the difficulties of timely delivery of our packaging materials, we are also looking at establishing a plastic bottle manufacturing plant in Otjiwarongo. We are in negotiations for land in the industrial area with the Otjiwarongo Municipality.”

Fabupharm is a 100% Namibian pharmaceutical manufacturer with an official manufacturing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Licence from the Namibian Medicines Regulatory Council (NMRC).

Source : The Namibian