Family Blames Police for Grief

THE family of Dordabis farmer, Abraham Jacobus Beukes, whose head went missing after he was found dead early this month, are blaming the police for negligence.

Beukes’ body was found at farm Kalkpan, about 45km from Rehoboth, on 5 July. His head had been cut but was still attached to the body. Police who attended to the scene left family members guarding the body while they went to Rehoboth for help. When they returned, the head had disappeared.

The head was found a week later but the eyes had been gouged out, and the tongue and ears were missing. Beukes was buried at the farm on Saturday.

There are only three houses belonging to two families – that of the Beukes and the De Klerks at farm Kalkpan.

The two men, who were left to guard the body – Jonathan Sydney de Klerk (54) and Petrus Jonas (age unknown) – were arrested in connection with Beukes’ death.

They have since appeared in court on murder charges and defeating the course of justice. They were denied bail and their case postponed to 22 September. De Klerk is the Beukes’ cousin.

Beukes’ mother, Maria Wilhemina Beukes (86), said if the police had reacted fast she would have buried her son with his head on his body.

“I am really hurt but what pains me most is my beloved son’s body lying there for more than eight hours before it was taken to the mortuary. Why could they not guard the body? As much as I really don’t want to condemn our police, I just feel this could have been avoided. My heart is bleeding because I had to bury him with his head reduced to a skull,” the grief- stricken mother said.

Beukes’ brother Sasy Beukes said his brother’s mysterious and cruel death has been a heavy blow to the family, especially to his mother.

“It is difficult to say if De Klerk was involved or not, because he is our cousin and they were very close. But weeks before my brother was murdered, there was a number of stock theft cases in the area. I just think maybe the thieves could have killed my brother. But again that is just what I think,” he said.

Khomas regional crime investigation coordinator, deputy Commissioner Sylvanus Nghishidimbwa, said it depends on situations why the police will leave a crime scene.

“We found the body in the care of the family. That is why we left it in their care to go to the nearest police station for assistance. At that point, there was no reason to suspect them. That is why we left the crime scene. The police at the scene acted according to the current circumstances,” Nghishidimbwa said.

Source : The Namibian