Fans Clamour for ‘Smokey’ Vs ‘Prince’ Fight … Both Camps Open for Talks

While the international boxing fraternity is starving to witness action unfold between two of world boxing’s top acts Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, boxing fans in Namibia are equally eager to put to bed speculation of a possible Joseph ‘Smokey’ Hilongwa vs Imms ‘Prince’ Naidjala fight and have requested both camps to make the fight a reality.

Prospects for the long awaited mega-bout between the aggressive Naidjala and the defense-minded Hilongwa have long been a serious bone of contention among local boxing fans and many believe such a fight naturally has all the ingredients to become the biggest draw card between the two Namibian pugilists. Hilongwa is a Super Flyweight boxer, a division also known as the Junior Bantamweight category, while Naidjala fights in the Bantamweight division and the two boxers are separated by only 3 to 4 kg’s.

Approached for comment about the possibility of such a fight taking place, a confident Hilongwa said he is more than ready to climb into the ring with Naidjala and knuckle down to business, but maintained that the fight would only happen if both camps Warriors Promotions and Nestor ‘Sunshine’ Tobias Promotions, sit around the table and reach agreement on the terms. “If that’s what my fans want then I’m ready to serve them. I’m a fighter by nature. I can fight anytime, anywhere and on any day. So, it’s all up to the two camps to make it happen and if an agreement is reached, than I foresee nothing stopping the fight from happening.” Hilongwa, who currently holds the World Boxing Federation (WBF) Inter-continental Super Flyweight title and the World Boxing Association (WBA) Pan African Super Flyweight title has not lost any of his last ten fights. He conceded that Naidjala is a good fighter with a lion’s heart and therefore deserves to fight someone like him, an opponent with similar qualities. Naidjala’s promoter Nestor Tobias refused to say much about such a fight, but admitted that it will be one of the biggest fights between two Namibian boxers if it happens, adding that the possibility of such a fight materializing are good, but it all depends on the outcome of the negotiations if they ever take place. “We at the Nestor Tobias Boxing Academy have an open door policy and we will welcome any fight, not just the one being proposed but any fight with any boxer can happen, as long as an agreement is reached and both parties are happy with the outcome of the talks,” said Tobias.

Source : New Era