Fans Disappoint but Artists Delight

Despite a dismally low turnout Oviritje and Afro Pop stars Uatugua, Defney, Diop, Mutjangatjike, Bullet, and veterans Kareke Henguva, aka Dr Sweet, and Meisie Henguva, of Minora fame in the heydays of Oviritje, left with smiles on the few faces Show last Friday in the Katutura Community Hall.

Diop opened the event which came to be described as something the audience have experienced lately, with his hit song we i tjitivi Balala, to his famous reggae moves, which left the majority crowd standing on the feet and craving for more. The most decorated Oviritje singer, veteran Kareke, and Meisie Henguva took the audience down memory lane with songs such as When I passed away luring revellers and fans alike to their feet and entrancing them into “we want more… We want more… ,” chants.

However what seems to have taken the crowd by the storm was the new generation of Oviritje singers, Mutjanga Bena wa Muundja and Diop wa Katuuo with songs such as Tjomuise tjohaveha ovandu uhoreka pi and Ourumbu wa nanguise. Diop and Mutjanga killed the stage with their killer moves. It was a night to enjoy since Uatungua and Defney showed their intimacy with revellers, equally leaving them begging for more .

Not to forget the Bullet group, that rounded up the night with their all time favourite hits, Ojangambue and many others.

Organiser of the event, Stephanus Ndjavera , despite the poor turnout due to poor marketing, the performance was to his delightment. “But I am sure Oviritje lovers where left with some fond recollections and made their entrance fees worth a while,” he says.

Source : New Era