Fans urged to show support for Bidvest Namibia Cup

WINDHOEK: Football lovers have been urged to go out in numbers and fill the Sam Nujoma stadium during the Bidvest Namibia Cup final, in order to help the Namibia Football Association (NFA) secure a new sponsor for the cup.

Speaking during a media conference here on Wednesday Commercial Director of of Bidvest Namibia Theo Mberirua called on to fill the stadium, saying it is through their commitment to football that will help NFA secure a sponsor.

“If you display your love to the game and come out in numbers, you will help NFA secure a sponsor, and to convince them that soccer is the game for the people, but if we display empty stadiums it will be very difficult for them to secure a sponsor,” he said.

Bidvest Namibia who are the current sponsors of the cup’s cooperation of three years will come to an end this Saturday when the finals will be played between FNB Orlando Pirates and Tigers Football Club (FC)

The game will be played at the Sam Nujoma Stadium at 14h30.

“We are now approaching the final of our cooperation with NFA of three year, and it has been a wonderful competition over the years, and we hope that we have been a company that has been able to contribute to football development in the country,” said Mberirua.

He said some players, such as Deon Hotto who now players for Golden Arrows in South Africa have raised prominence during their first year (2013) of cooperation, and we believe that this cup has contributed to the development of soccer in this country.

“Thanks to NFA for the kind cooperation that we have enjoyed over the three years, through the cooperation we have managed to attain wonderful competition that everyone will enjoy for many years, and thank you to the referees for their contribution,” he said, adding that they hope that NFA will seek for sponsorship soon enough, so that the competition can continue.

Meanwhile, he said it now comes to the final games and both team are winners but the unfortunate part will be that only one of them will be the ultimate ‘winner of the winners’.

“Both of you (Pirates and Tigers) have gone through tough times to be in the final, but only one will work away with the trophy, but this is not a marathon anymore but a sprint, so come Saturday the one that finishes well will be the champion,” he said.

On his part, Pirates coach Lucky Kakuva said Bidvest Namibia cup has been full of excitement, and he also hopes that NFA finds a sponsor so that the cup can continue.

“We were faced with massive challenges of playing previous winners such as Black Africa and African Stars, but we put them aside and that is a true indication that we are a team that plays big, and that we are a team with one objective,” he boosted.

He said his team has all its players ready, and even their player (Nicky Musambani) who was in South Africa for Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (Cosafa) are back to the country.

Tiger’s coach Bobby Samaria on his side said all his players are ready for the game, and also called on fans to fill the stadiums.

“It will be incomplete without fans, so come and let us make the product complete so that corporates out there can see that we can use football as a vehicle to social problem,” he said.

He said they are not going to talk about winning because football is played at Sam Nujoma, and not in the boardroom so they are ready for Saturday.