Farm Killing Accused Pleads Not Guilty

Magdalena Khamuxas, 43, accused of stabbing one person to death and wounding three others pleaded not guilty to all charges in the Windhoek High Court yesterday.

The stabbings took place on a farm in the Outjo district in 2011.

Khamuxas stands accused of stabbing one person to death and inflicting stab wounds on three others at Doringfeld Farm Post on the night of October 25-26 2011. The State alleges Khamuxas intentionally killed Johannes Kasavi Ngunda, an adult male person by stabbing him in the chest.

She is also charged with a count of attempted murder for stabbing Elfriede Kausiona several times and another attempted murder charge for stabbing August Aib in the stomach.

Khamuxas is further charged with assault with intent to do grievious bodily harm for allegedly stabbing Frans Makushe on the elbow.

After Khamuxas answered not guilty to every charge leveled against her through a DamaraNama interpreter, Boris Isaacks who represents her on instructions of the Legal Aid Department told Judge Naomi Shivute that the pleas were in accordance with his instructions.

He said that on the first count Khamuxas denies that she stabbed the deceased. On the second count his client claims self-defence, while on the third counts the accused’s defence is that she stabbed complainant August Aib accidentally in the stomach while she was trying to free her hands that were being held by Aib.

On the fourth count Khamuxas will remain silent the court heard, as she has no recollection of stabbing the complainant.

According to the summary of substantial facts in the indictment, Khamuxas, the deceased and the complainants were at Doringfeld Farm Post on the night in question and she, Elfriede Kausiona and Aib were drinking home brewed beer.

A quarrel erupted between Khamuxas and Kausiona and they wrestled each other to the ground. It is further stated Khamuxas went to fetch a knife and when Aib tried to prevent her from leaving the room she stabbed him in the abdomen. It is alleged the accused then went to where Kausiona was being restrained by the deceased and in the process stabbed the deceased to death in the chest.

She then went on to stab Kausiona at least nine times all over the body, the indictment reads. Johannes Kasavi Ngunda died from the stab wound to the chest.

The case continues today after Isaacks asked for a remand to consult his client on some unclear issues. Khamuxas remains in custody.

Source : New Era