Farm Stabbing Victim Testifies

The then boyfriend of a 43-year-old woman accused of going on a knife wielding and stabbing rampage at a farm in the Outjo district in 2011 described the events of that evening in the Windhoek High Court on Tuesday. August Aib, who was also stabbed on that fateful night told the court that when he arrived at Doringfeld Farm Post during evening of October 25, 2011 he found the accused, Magdalena Khamuxas and the second complainant, Elfriede Kausiona, at the one-roomed shack he shared with Khamuxas.

They were consuming alcohol, he told the judge. After they imbibed for a while, according to Aib, the two women started arguing and Khamuxas allegedly used vulgar language towards Kausiona and the latter asked the accused ‘did you bring me here to abuse me?’ He said he did not remember the response of Khamuxas as he was already intoxicated by that time, but that he tried to separate the two women when the altercation became physical.

According to Aib, after he separated Khamuxas and Kausiona, the latter went to the back of the shack and returned with a “long big stick” with which she struck Khamuxas on the forehead. He said that Khamuxas then went into the shack “very fast” and he followed her. When he reached her, she already had a knife in her hands, he told the court.

“My Lord, it was when I tried to take the knife from her that she stabbed me in the stomach,” he told Judge Naomi Shivute. On a question whether he was stabbed intentionally or by accident, he said that he could not tell the court, as he tried to grab Khamuxas from behind while she was holding the knife, and she turned around and managed to escape from his hold, in the process stabbing him.

He told the court that was the extent of his involvement in the incident as he became weak and later could not breathe.

He said that he then went out of the yard and walked until he fell down in the road where Outjo police found him. Kausiona is expected to testify during this week.

Earlier Frans Makushe testified that he was stabbed on the elbow after he tried unsuccessfully to stop Khamuxas from stabbing Kausiona.

Khamuxas stands accused of stabbing one person to death and inflicting stab wounds on three other people at Doringfeld Farm Post on the night of October 25-26 2011.

The State alleges she intentionally killed Johannes Kasavi Ngunda, an adult male person by stabbing him in the chest. She is also charged with two counts of attempted murder for stabbing Kausiona several times and stabbing Aib.

Khamuxas is further charged with a charge of assault with intent to do grievious bodily harm for allegedly stabbing Makushe.

She denied killing Ngunda and claims self-defence on the count of attempted murder and accidental stabbing on the charge that she tried to kill Aib. On the charge she stabbed Makushe she said she has no recollection of the stabbing. The case continues today and Khamuxas remains in police custody.

Source : New Era