Farmer Tjirimuje Raises the Brahman Stud Bar

Justus Tjirimuje of the farm Omusorokuumba has set the bar high for all black Namibian commercial farmers when he recently purchased some of the very best White and Red Brahman genetics in the world at the World Brahman Conference in Parys, Orange Free State.

With this purchase of two White and two Red Brahman bulls and 67 mixed heifers for more than N$2 million, Tjirimuje, the owner Tjiri Brahman Stud, wants to change the landscape of genetics available to communal, emerging and commercial breeders by ploughing back the superior quality within the next three years. The well-respected farmer and community leader says he faces some challenges with the world-class genetics he has acquired but sees it as an opportunity to establish the best Brahman stud possible and ensure his blood-lines are available to fellow Namibians.

The White Brahman bull he bought for N$190 000 was selected the best Brahman at the World Brahman Conference from 840 competing bulls, and is also the three times Interbreed and Breedplan Champion at the 2013 Pretoria Show. He also bought a Red Brahman bull that is the current Pretoria Show Champion. The second Red Brahman bull is from the world-class breeder, Jan van Zyl, and the second White Brahman he obtained from local breeder Mecki Schneider, one of a few Namibians who exhibited animals at the World Brahman Conference.

All four bulls are four years old and in the prime of their lives. Tjirimuje says his main challenges are to implement a proper management plan and to find the right female animals for these outstanding bulls. “Such quality needs to be managed with expert aice and I am relying gly on the invaluable support and guidance I have received over the years from my personal mentor, well-known cattle breeder and crop farmer, Andre Compion. Once I have secured the best management system for these highly valuable animals, and their off-springs, I can start concentrating on building my life-long dream: the best possible Brahman stud for future generations in Namibia to reap the benefits,” he says.

Tjirimuje adds that the 67 White and Red Brahman heifers were also carefully selected with this aim in mind, and he is confident that his genetics will make a difference within the next two and a half years when the first off-springs will be available. Being at the World Brahman Conference is something he will not forget soon. “It was an unbelievable experience to rub shoulders with some of the best Brahman breeders in the world, and an even bigger honour to see the Namibian flag in the arena and be able to buy world-class genetics. I see my new animals as the biggest and best investment I have ever made, and for the improving of local standards.”

Asked whether Namibians can look forward to seeing these magnificent animals at the upcoming agricultural shows in the country, he says it is a decision he still has to make. “I did not purchase these animals to show off. Maybe I will take them on a road shows in the Okahandja and Windhoek areas and maybe you will see them at the Windhoek Show,” he concludes.

Tjirimuje also recently edged closer to the all-time Namibian record of N$65 000 when he bought a Boer Goat ram from Kobus and Gert van Wyk for a whopping N$55 000 at a Namboer auction in Windhoek. The ram, called What’s Up, is a four-teeth animal of 20 months and was responsible for some of the most lively bidding seen at an auction in a long time.

Source : New Era