Fashion Show a Foretaste of What to Expect This Year

Just after X-Mass fifteen fashion designers held a fashion show here giving fashion enthusiasts a taste of what is in store for them on the fashion circuit this year.

Fashionistas, fashion lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike could not but be amazed at the talented Namibian designers jeering and clapping in appreciation at every collection presented. Designers came from different parts of the country to host the memorable fashion show. Swim and winter wear formed part of the collections on display. Designer and event organiser, Maila Kalipi, said designers pushed themselves to the limit and created a trend for themselves. “They made the show live with their top gowns, eccentric prints and sophisticated garments,” said Kalipi.

Matthew Erastus who made the swim wear collection that left many people talking, said he went out of his zone and took a risk in making the swim wear collection. “I wanted to try something new for the new year. So I made a swim wear collection. I like trying new things and since it is summer and hot, swim wear was my best option,” said Erastus. The designers who made the show possible included Hamby Nendoga, Immanuel Garoeumlb, Beauty Iyambo, Tuyakula Shikomba, Vicky Shipanga, Ruth Nghono, Puma Kasuo Shinene, Jennifer Madawa Uises, Naomi Nambinga, Sophia Nendongo, Sonia and Sharon.

Source : New Era