Fashion Show Displays Creativity, Exquisite Attires

The Aesthetic Fusion fashion show at Street Cuisine, Sanlam Building courtyard on Saturday was a spectacle of exquisite creative attires and other fashion accessories presented by a number of designers.

More than 500 fashion lovers attended the show to witness young local designer Rachel, who opened the, showcasing some of her best ‘Retrograde Avenue Designs’. Her bright and shiny collections gave out a g impression, especially when audiences couldn’t stop screaming and craving for more outfits.

House of Tsatago (HoH) designs was next on the catwalk. The collections showed elegant red and black garments. This is what you could expect from HoH, a stylish and classic wears for women, ready to wear at different occasions such as weddings, social events and parties at night. His collections were accompanied by Carrubu Couture (CCD) designs which showcased the big and fabulous purses and neck pieces on HoH garments. This was the amazing part as the combination of HoH collection and CCD was corresponding well with one other.

Krayzeesue was next on the stage with her scaring body paintings, exhibiting naked women. Some paintings were done on women breasts, tummy and arms. Although this was one of the creativeness’s of Krayzeesue that I never experienced before, she could have done better if she at least done it in a different way or style apart from women breasts.

Genene’s designs, a collection of long evening gowns, ready to wear at any occasion were fabulous on the night.

Closing the fashion show was Lafika, the lady behind LaFigure designs. Her collection of denim dress and washed out denim shirts was among most beautiful creations one never expected. However, Lafika is currently the only Namibian designer who manufactures her own fabrics. Her collections goes for women with confidence, wwho believe in themselves and embrace their natural figures.

Source : New Era