Fifa Course Moved to November

The annual FIFA Administration and Management course that was slated for this month has been postponed to November.

According to NFA education officer Timothy Tjongarero the course will now take place on 23-27 November as a result of the ongoing World Cup.

“This course will be by invitation only and targets the newly promoted teams to the Namibia Premier League, as well as the teams that will be competing in the Southern Stream First Division (SSFD), Northern West Football Stream (NWFD) and North East Football Division (NEFD),” Tjongarero said.

The newly promoted teams to the NPL are North East Football Division winners the Rundu-based Julinho Sporting, Windhoek-based Southern Stream First Division champions Citizens FC and North West Football Division victors Touch amp Go from Outjo.

The course participants will be introduced to the various modules that will focus on the principle of management, marketing, financial, communication, events management and competition among other modules that have to do with new trends in club management.

Source : New Era