Fight Over Nasgwu Leadership Rageson

Tension has reached boiling point among the union’s top executives following internal brawls lately for a suitable candidate to take over the position of secretary general of the Namibia Security Guard and Watchmen’s Union (NASGWU).

The secretary general position of the union in question has over the past four years been held by David Frans, who in April was allegedly unceremoniously ousted in a bloodless palace coup that also saw other NASGWU leaders being overthrown.

Frans, who still claims to be the legitimate secretary general as his term in office is supposed to end in December this year, informed New Era that the congress meeting was held without his knowledge, adding that he – as the secretary general – was not informed of such a congress to vote for new management at the union representing security guards.

He further charged that those who spearheaded his ouster were not union members.

However sources say the Secretary General for Trade Union Congress of Namibia (Tucna) Mahongora Kavihuha is accused of siding with the new management and spearheading the ousting of Frans and other leaders.

The allegation led to a council meeting, held on May 18, to look into the matter – a meeting that was attended by Paulus Hango, Tucna’s president. The meeting decided to appoint a committee to investigate the matter and resolved that Kavihuha and the new union management vacate office to pave way for the investigation.

However, Frans did not take this decision lightly, saying Tucna is now failing to maintain its role as an umbrella of unions, as the committee that was selected to carry out the investigation comprises of Tucna members and where Kavihuha is the leader.

“It is better to be independent than to be affiliated to a board, which does not take issues of its affiliates at heart,” added Frans.

“It brings in questions and doubts of how this investigation is going to be fair and genuine … ” stated Frans.

Kavihuha had this to say, “That is absolute nonsense. Whoever told you that nonsense just wants to make news headlines.”

He further maintained that no such decision was taken that he should leave office while investigations are underway.

Contacted for comment, the vice president of Tucna, Daniel Iimbili, said, “I cannot tell what is really happening there in Windhoek, as we are based in Walvis Bay nor does the president Paulus Hango know about it. But what I can tell you now is that, yes, a committee was established (though I was not present during the meeting) to investigate allegations into the matter and we are currently in the process of collecting and putting together information. Once it is done, the public will be notified of the outcome.”

Source : New Era