Fighting Crime Requires Community Support

The fight against crime should be a collective effort as the responsibility to ensure safety cannot entirely rest on the police.

This was one of the main reasons why crime-fighting organisations were established in the Erongo Region and one of the reasons why the Manica group extended a helping hand to the Walvis Bay Neighbourhood Watch. The company donated five hi-tech digital two-way radios to the organisation to fight crime in Walvis Bay. The radios worth N$16 000 were handed to members of the neighbourhood watch on Wednesday by the public relations and marketing manager of Manica, Nolito Marques.

“It is of cardinal importance that the business community and the public at large support crime-fighting efforts,” Marques said during the handover ceremony.

He said Manica whole-heartedly supported such efforts as they complement the task of the police in keeping law and order.

“Knowing that we have a dedicated team of volunteers willing to patrol the streets at night, provides some peace of mind for home and business owners,” he added.

Marques urged the business community to follow suit and show their support to the reaction team by way of assisting with crime-fighting equipment and volunteering.

Accepting the donation, the chairman of the neighbourhood watch reaction team, Riaan Archer, expressed his appreciation for the two-way radios, and reaffirmed their commitment to safeguard homes and businesses.

“We strive to keep our town safe for all to move around freely without fear of falling victim to criminal elements,” Archer said.

“This, however, we can only achieve through the continued support and participation of the community and business sector. By day our volunteers are normal breadwinners with families, but by night they put their safety on the line to deter criminals and keep our streets safe. I would like to invite community members who are willing to do their part in fighting crime, to consider joining the reaction team,” he said.

Source : New Era