Finance Official Arrested for N$600 000 Fraud

A MINISTRY of Finance employee was arrested on Tuesday in connection with fraud involving N$600 000.

The suspect, Laban Hainyanyula, who is employed as a registry clerk at the ministry was arrested after it was discovered that large sums of money were being paid from the ministry into his personal bank accounts.

An internal investigation allegedly discovered a few irregularities linked to Value Added Tax refunds.

It was suspected that the money was for refunding inland revenue clients.

Hainyanyula appeared in the Windhoek Magistrate Court yesterday and the case was postponed to 7 April this year for further investigations because police investigations are at an infant stage.

Magistrate John Sindano granted Hainyanyula N$70 000 bail, which Hainyanyula’s lawyer Milton Engelbrecht said the suspect was unable to afford.

Engelbrecht said he will approach the court regarding the bail amount.

The Namibian understands that Hainyanyula’s bank accounts have since been frozen.

Source : The Namibian