Fire Sweeps Through Brakwater Area

PLOT owners and farmers in the greater Brakwater area for the second time in 10 days had to fight devastating veld fires when a fire broke out west of the capital on Monday.

The fire in the Daan Viljoen mountains was thought to have started when the dry vegetation in the area was set alight after it was struck by lightning last week Monday.

When Nampa visited the area on Friday, several teams were still attempting to control the fire that had spread over a distance of about 10km.

The chairperson of the Brakwater Neighbourhood Watch (BWNW), Atousa Fischer-Buder who coordinated the fire fighting process told Nampa on Saturday they have done all they can with their limited resources, but to no avail.

“Once the fire came down from the mountains into the open spaces earlier this week, it spread into the Monte Christo North and South areas, Farm Ongos, the Daan Viljoen area and then it came to the Brakwater North and South areas,” Fischer-Buder said.

More than 500 people are registered with the BWNW.

“When the fire got out of control we however realised that there is no way we can manage with only a few people at our disposal,” she said.

She then called on local companies to donate firefighting equipment to the neighbourhood watch as she said it will benefit the community of the GBA at large. Besides plot owners and their employees, Fischer-Buder said members of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) and a group of around 150 members of the Women and Men Network Against Crime from Katutura also assisted when called upon.

Around a dozen Chinese nationals from a nearby construction company came on board when they heard of the fire. Local businessman Henko Henning from City Sand and Bricks made vehicles and drivers available to transport the volunteers to and from the scene, while some neighbourhood watch members assisted by supplying food and drinks to the firefighters who worked throughout the night.

Fischer-Buder said despite the many hours spent in fighting the fire, no serious injuries have been reported.

Huge tracks of grazing have been destroyed, while several wild and domestic animals burned to death. – Nampa

Source : The Namibian