Firm to Hire Indian Welders

Murray amp Roberts the company tasked with building a state-of-the-art N$2.3 billion sulphuric acid plant has confirmed it will hire Indian expatriates to work on the project.

In an interview the human resource manager of Murray amp Roberts, Jack Sidebottom, recently shed light on the matter regarding the intended hiring of Indian expatriate workers. “Due to the nature of the plant only specialised highly skilled super-duplex welders are fit to do this job and due to its complexity only a few super-duplex welders are found in southern Africa,” he explained. “Yes, we are bringing in Indians to come and work for us, the number will not exceed a hundred. We will be hiring at least one local for every Indian we bring in and the exact total is not yet known, but the group will be comprised of 40 trainers, who will train locals in the workshop. We will basically take general workers and turn them into certified semi-skilled people,” he told New Era. “Locals will watch and learn from the Indians during a six-month period, which is the length of their non-renewable contracts,” Sidebottom said.

After six months when the Indians have left, locals would have acquired unique skills as well as an in-depth knowledge of welding. “If and when a similar project comes up in future companies will not need to bring in specialists, but will make use of locals,” Sidebottom elaborated. Sidebottom said Indians go from one country to another doing just this kind of work all year round and if nothing else this makes them highly skilled. “Indians are so good at working under great pressure and can complete within six hours work that is supposed to be completed in two days. Super-duplex welders are what you would call super specialists. They do stainless steel welding, a very specialised kind of stainless steel. When we tested welders in Namibia, we actually had to bring that sort of stainless steel into Namibia, because you cannot find it here,” he said.

“The acid plant being built is completely stainless steel every single square centimetre and the welding has to be x-rayed, one little tiny hole could ruin the entire project.” Murray amp Roberts is currently recruiting boilermakers, pipefitters and double coded welders. If any locals believe themselves to fit the criteria, independent third party accredited testers will be used to test them to ensure transparency. The ones that pass will be hired, while those who do not pass but show potential will also be brought in and trained,” added Sidebottom. Heavy rains have set back the sulphuric plant project back by some months. “There is a time constraint we have been given a mandate by the Namibian government to finish this project within a certain timeframe. It has to be done,” he said. “If the job is not finished the Namibian government is going to be very upset. We are already three months behind,” said Sidebottom.

Source : New Era