First Astro Namibia Becomes a Reality

First Astro Namibia (FAN), a non-profit organization, driven by the Davin family and the Janine amp Suzelle Davin Trust, has announced the development of the very first outdoor astro hockey turf in Namibia.

Construction of the astro hockey turf has commenced at the Janine Davin Hockey fields situated at Windhoek High School.

The funding for the astro turf will come from the Davin family and the Namibian business community through 20 FAN Legacy Club 200 000 memberships and a corporate entity obtaining the naming right to the stadium.

The Janine amp Suzelle Davin Trust believes that the future of Namibian hockey lies in an Artificial Hockey Turf as well as taking hockey to the nation. Hockey as a school sport in Namibia, is very popular and the number of players grows rapidly each year, notwithstanding the current lack of facilities.

By only counting Windhoek based hockey players, the turf will be used by an estimated 1 000 primary and secondary school hockey players. Internationally, hockey is only played on artificial turf and with this new development the Namibian youth will also have the opportunity to excel and compete successfully at international level.

The primary focus of the Janine amp Suzelle Davin Sport Trust will be to host developmental programs focused on high performance for primary school children who will have the opportunity to utilize the new astro hockey turf.

The Janine amp Suzelle Davin Sport Trust also aspires to assist established development coaching programs by making the astro hockey turf available to them for the hosting of their specialized programs.

This prestigious facility will thus not only benefit the hockey teams of Windhoek High School, but also the larger hockey community. This water based artificial hockey turf will be constructed according to set international standards in order to host international competitions. The intended completion date is December 2014.

The hockey community has met this announcement with great excitement, as this will contribute to raising the standard of hockey in Namibia to full international level.

Source : The Namibian