First Boran Group Auction Held

TWELVE Boran bulls were sold for an average price of N$41 750 and a highest price of N$59 000 was paid for two bulls at the first ever Boran group auction in Windhoek recently.

A stud heifer achieved the top price of N$24 000 and five stud cows sold for N$15 000 each. A Namibian-bred bull ECC12-23 of Chris Coetzee was sold for N$50 000. Nineteen commercial Boran cross heifers sold for an average price of N$8 632 and eight commercial heifers in calf sold for an average price of N$8 875.

At the promotion day, Johan Erasmus, vice-president of the SA Boran Breeders Society discussed the origin of the Boran, Simeon Hurwitz looked into the Boran’s performance in the feedlot while Kiep Lepen discussed the effective use of African genetics in Namibian conditions.

The Boran breed is about 1 300 years old and has its origin in Eastern Africa.

It consists of 24% European Bos Taurus, 12 % African Bos Taurus and 64% Indicus.

Farmers and breeders in Namibia farming with Boran prefer the breed for a number of positive traits such as excellent crossbreeding results, g herd instinct, longevity, fertility, disease resistance, early maturation and adaptability to environment and climate.

“Agra, through its livestock stud services, is excited to take hands with the Boran breeders in Namibia. This first auction by Agra, which was a small auction as a value-adding event to the promotion day, was already an indication that the Boran breed has a good future in Namibia as they also have a g group of dedicated breeders,” Agra said following the auction.

Source : The Namibian