First Lady launches HANO’s Strategic Plan

WINDHOEK: First Lady Penehupifo Pohamba launched the HANO Youth Foundation’s Strategic Plan for the year 2013 to 2018 in the capital on Tuesday.

This strategic plan consists of a strategic map, accompanied by a balanced score-card containing strategic objectives, measures, targets and initiatives which relate to youth development projects and activities with the aim of encouraging the active participation of the youth.

In her address, Pohamba said the strategic plan will ensure that the Foundation will optimally and prudentially utilize its resources for the benefit of all Namibian youths.

Her office will soon sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the HANO Youth Foundation, outlining their common objectives.

The MOU is a culmination of fruitful and lasting undertakings which will foster a symbiotic relationship between the two institutions.

Pohamba noted that her office has been observing with keen interest the gradual growth of HANO’s activities, and a good number of these activities were dovetailed meticulously to meet the challenges facing the youth.

HANO has for the past number of years pursued programs and projects geared towards the alleviation of problems affecting the well-being of the youth.

“One of the immediate issues which are being pursued by HANO, an issue that is close to my heart, is the eradication of the scorch of the HIV/AIDS pandemic,” she said, adding that her office has been at the forefront of addressing this problem through awareness campaigns and the upscaling of efforts in the prevention of the transmission of HIV and AIDS from mother-to-child, with emphasis on the involvement of male partners.

Through such efforts, her office has been provided with a farm by the Namibian government to be fully-utilized for the benefits of orphans, vulnerable children and infected mothers by equipping them with gardening skills so as to ensure better nutrition and food security.

They will also be provided with training in other skills in jobs which are in demand and do not require a lot of money to set up, such as cleaning, laundry and tailoring, amongst others.

“These are some of the areas and projects through which we can achieve our common objectives,” the First Lady stated.

Established on 22 May 2010, the HANO Youth Foundation emerged from the names of its founders Steve Handura and Nocky Kaapehi.

It is registered as a welfare organization with the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MOHSS), and with the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture as a youth organization.