First Lady Masters of Success Next Quest

First Lady, Monica Geingos, is the next Masters of Success guest at the end of this month.

“We are very excited to have our First Lady as the first Namibian on the talk show. I know that our people have been yearning to see a Namibian on the show and we did implore for patience. Our First Lady is a remarkable individual and those planning to attend the show can look forward to nothing but pure inspiration” says MTC’s Tim Ekandjo. Geingos is a Director and minority shareholder of Stimulus, Pointbreak and Ebank. As a consequence of becoming First Lady, she has relinquished her full time role as Managing Director of Stimulus and has also resigned from the public and private sector Boards on which she served. Aged 38, she holds two legal degrees, B.Juris and LLB, although she spent most of her professional life in the financial sector.

Geingos previously worked for an Investment Bank where she headed aisory services and aised on the structuring and financing of Black Economic Empowerment transactions as well as management and leveraged buy-outs. Corporate finance activities also fell under her portfolio, which included capital raising activities as well as the underwriting of mergers, acquisitions and disposals. Geingos began her experience in the financial sector at the NSX, where she oversaw the successful listing of eight companies including two primary listings, and numerous corporate bonds. She was also involved in the training of both board members and trustees on corporate governance requirements. The NSX appointed her as a member of its NSX Listings Technical Committee, a role she relinquished recently as part of her re-alignment of responsibilities. She previously served on the Namibian Financial Sector Charter Steering Committee and played a leading role in the formulation and drafting of the Transformation Charter for the Financial Sector.

Tickets for the show are available from the NTN as from today and are free but anyone must collect hisher ticket from the NTN box office. “We have realised from previous shows that people would come and collect and not turn up for the show, meaning they would rob somebody else of an opportunity to watch the show by holding onto the ticket. We therefore implore to the public to bring back the tickets if they change their minds about coming to the show so that we afford those an opportunity since seats are limited” says Ekandjo.

Source : New Era