First Paintball Challenge of the Year

The Action Arena in Windhoek will host its first Hyundai Paintball Challenge of the year tomorrow. It will be the 3rd event of the entire Hyundai Challenge, with the first two editions having taken place last year already. So far, ten teams have confirmed their participation. As usual, the tournament will offer players and spectators a wide variety of paintballing

action, including speedball and a tactical time trial. All team members have to participate in both events to accumulate maximum points towards the overall standing. The winners will walk away with a cool N$5 000 in cash. For the speedball event the teams, consisting of five players each go head-to-head on a 30 by 50 metre obstacle course laid out by the Action Arena personnel. Each match will consist of two games, meaning that a maximum of two points can be taken per match. To win a point, a member of the team must touch the opposition’s start station, without being hit with paint by either the opponents or own teammates. Depending on the final number of entries, the event organizers will determine the exact mode of play, such as group stages et cetera.

The tactical time trial will take place on the scenario field where teams will do a series of house clearances and other tasks, while being timed. There will be targets set up in the field symbolizing ‘hostiles’ and ‘friendlies’. Hitting ‘hostiles’ will subtract time, while hitting ‘friendlies’ will add time. Teams can be made up of corporate entities, as well as private individuals.

Source : New Era