Fish Farm to Increase Production Fivefold

The upgrading of the fish farm at Keetmanshoop would increase its production capacity fivefold from the current six tonnes to 30 tonnes per annum.

The N$20 million upgrade of the facility would comprise a house, storage room, production and processing facilities and about six fish tanks to provide more fish to the people of Keetmanshoop.

Project manager Tinoapei Dhliwayo of the Ministry of Works and Transport narrated that the fish tanks being used are very efficient, which would boost fish production and it is the first time such tanks are being used on any of the fish farms in Namibia.

He said the expansion of the project is fully government funded and the upgraded fish farm would supply more fish to the local people.

“We decided to upgrade this facility so that we are able to have a maximum supply of fish to people in surrounding areas,” he said.

Commenting on the overall progress of the project so far, Dhliwayo expressed satisfaction with the work done so far, stressing that although the contractor Edison Building Enterprises cc is behind schedule, all materials needed are on site and extra efforts are being made to make up for lost time.

Health and safety at the site has, however, been a concern, as some workers are without protective clothing. Some workers could be seen in sandals, as if they are off to the bathroom.

Dhliwayo explained that the ministry has engaged the contractor and highlighted the safety concerns and already there have been improvements. “It was worse before but there is a slight improvement although not 100 percent,” he noted.

He thanked the local authority for availing land for the project, adding that the new fence would prevent thieves from stealing fish from the tanks, as in the past where the fence was vandalised.

There are 46 workers and about 20 more would be employed once the project is completed.

The fish farm would mainly produce common tilapia and is expected to be up and running by February next year.

Source : New Era