Fish Ponds Valued At N$5 Million Complete

The construction of six Spanish-funded fish ponds in Katima Mulilo, valued at N$5 million, have been completed and are now operational.

However, according to Chris Munwela the chief biologist in the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources the refining of the nursery for fish feeds and the erection of the water pump are still to be done. “Everything [else] is complete, there are only some minor things which the ministry requested the construction company to correct and refine,” said Munwela.

The fish ponds were constructed for breeding of fingerlings which will be sold to small commercial fish farmers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The fish ponds are located at the office park of the ministry.

“The project is not aimed at becoming a commercial entity but we will only be producing for small commercial farmers and SMEs to provide to local people,” said Munwela.

He added that the project is expected to produce between 1.5 million – 2 million fingerlings each year, which will be harvested in relation to the breeding summer cycle.

Munwela said the fingerlings would be harvested in summer, which is considered as the suitable time.

“The frequency of harvesting will depend on the summers,” he said in a telephonic interview with New Era.

However when asked if the construction company had created employment he responded that the ministry has staff workers doing the job but Independent Security Services cc construction company has employed some local people though he could not say how many.

Source : New Era