Fishing Firm Acquires Large Vessel

ATLANTIC Pacific Fishing has launched the FV Leader, which it says is the largest ever Namibian owned fishing vessel. The vessel is over 120 metres long and employs 110 crew members.

The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernhard Esau, officiated at the dockside launch of the vessel recently, which the company says is valued at nearly US$20 million (N$206 million).

“We are very proud that our local joint venture company, Atlantic Pacific Fishing, has been able to acquire 100 percent ownership of this vessel at such an early point in its history,” said Lt. General Raonga Andima (Rtd), Director of Atlantic Pacific Fishing.

“We feel it is a testament to the potential strength of Atlantic Pacific Fishing’s operations and a milestone for the Namibian fishing industry,” said Andima.

Atlantic Pacificn took ownership of the FV Leader at the end of 2013. Since then, it has successfully completed its class survey and has now returned to its new homeport, Walvis Bay.

“This is the kind of investment in future growth that the government of Namibia is keen to see. The acquisition of such a large vessel shows confidence in the sustainability and sound management of Namibian fisheries. It is also an important step in the progressive Namibianisation of the fishing industry that vessels are locally owned,” said Esau, during the launch.

Atlantic Pacific is a majority Namibian owned joint venture between quota holders HEFDY Group of Companies, Joka Two Fishing, Namibia Seaweed Processing and China Fishery. Through the horse mackerel quotas held by its shareholders, the company conducts fishing, processing operations, as well as distributing and sells its high quality horse mackerel products under the Pelican brand in many African countries.

FV Leader will be based in Walvis Bay and will be deployed throughout the remainder of 2014 to harvest horse mackerel.

Source : The Namibian