Fishtival Plans On Growing Bigger and Better

Organisers of the Walvis Bay Fish Festival should in future also try to attract international exhibitors and investors to the fiesta, urged Governor of the Erongo Region Cleophas Mutjavikua. Mutjavikua was speaking at the official opening of the harbour town’s second fish festival on Thursday morning at the Jan Wilken Stadium in Walvis Bay.

He said the fish festival, also known as the Fishtival, should include related sectors in the fishing industry, small and medium enterprises operating within the fishing industry and institutions that create awareness around the preservation and responsible management of the national fisheries.

“The festival has the potential to create more business opportunities and jobs if planned on a bigger scale, however we should also avail a national budget for the festival as [the fishing industry] is one of the largest economic contributors to the country’s economy and the backbone of Walvis Bay,” the governor said.

He urged the Walvis Bay Municipality to encourage the entire fishing industry to take part in the festival in future.

“Let us grow the initiative as it is a good way to pay homage to the town’s natural resources. It is no longer a question of whether it is viable – it must become a permanent event on our region’s calendar,” said Mutjavikua.

Also speaking at the opening of the fish festival, the mayor of Walvis Bay Uilika Nambahu said the festival was hosted to pay tribute to the fishing industry, which is the backbone of the harbour town.

“There is a saying that when it goes well within the fishing industry, it goes well with the municipality,” Nambahu said

She added that the fishing industry buys and consumes around one third of Walvis Bay’s water and energy per annum and is the biggest employer along with Walvis Bay harbour.

“The sector also ensures that spinoff or support industries are sustained, therefore we must acknowledge the contributions it makes to the town and Namibia at large and it is thus only fair to host such an event,” she said.

Nambahu commended the fact that the fishing industry is well managed, leading to Namibia being one of the countries that still has a healthy and sustainable fishing industry.

“It is our hope that the Fishtival becomes one of the most sought-after events. Ideally it should grow to attract participants and visitors from all parts of the world,” she said.

Source : New Era