Flash Flood Could Hit Northern Parts

NAMIBIA Hydrological Services (NHS) has warned of flash floods expected to hit the north western and eastern parts of the country this week.

In a daily floodhydrological drought bulletin issued by NHS, Pauline Mufeti, the chief hydrologist at NHS, said perennial rivers continue to rise significantly.

“Flows are observed in the western Cuvelai iishana in northern Namibia primarily as a result of localised rainfall,” said Mufeti.

According to Leonard Hango, a hydrologist in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, many of the northern parts are currently flooded by water from water bodies at Ondjiva, in Angola.

“Many of the northern parts that have received a slight rainfall are now flooded with water coming from Angola through the northern border of Namibia and if Angola continues to receive higher rainfall, there is a possibility of Namibia to also receiving floods. We are, however, in close contact with the Angolan water services, regarding the rainfall and flood monitoring ,” said Hango.

Hango continued to say that the Cuvelai water basin is currently standing still, while the Kavango and Zambezi water basins continue to rise everyday.

He further urged all the farmers and inhabitants in the flood-prone areas to be on alert should the water level continue to rise.

The rivers with the highest flow readings include, Zambezi, Bukalo, Chobe, Kwando, Kavango, Cuvelai, Kuiseb, Omaruru, Orange and Kunene river.

Source : The Namibian