FNB Classic Clashes in Arandis, Omaruru

The Arandis and Omaruru communities were treated to great soccer over the weekend when the FNB Classic Clashes took place.

In Arandis, Kolen Foundation and West Side High met on the soccer field on 11 July and the following day, SI Gobs Secondary School and Kuisebmond Secondary School met in Omaruru.

Kolen Foundation emerged victorious, beating West Side High 2-1, while SI Gobs beat Kuisebmond 5-1.

Over the years, Kolen Foundation has built up a better record than their rivals and this time they once again took a 2-0 lead in the first half.

West Side managed to reduce the goal tally in the second half and started search ing for the equalizer. They almost got it in the last five minutes but they were denied.

FNB Classic Clashes Man of the Match was Vekonja Kairerego, midfielder of Kolen Foundation.

In Omaruru, SI Gobs beat Kuisebmond 5-1. This was the first time that SI Gobs beat their rivals since they started with the FNB Clashes and they did it in style.

In the first half they went 4-0 up and Kuisebmond could not find a solution to stop the FNB Man of the match McCartney Nawaseb who was a constant thorn in their defence.

Although they pulled one back, SI Gobs added a fifth goal in the second half to run out comfortable victors.

Namib Mills Heroes of the day were Paulina Markus from SI Gobs because of her academics and Nbute Shaningwa from Kolen Foundation for academics and sports.

Source : The Namibian