FNB Commits to Weaner Auction Season

FNB Namibia’s agricultural division has committed N$60 000 towards the launch of the weaner auction season.

The manager of the FNB agriculture division, Jacques Cloete, confirmed that FNB Namibia is one of the main sponsors. “The agricultural industry and its farmers are faced with a lot of challenges and we at FNB feel that it is our responsibility to ensure that they excel in their businesses strategically as well as financially,” he said.

Weaner auctions will be held throughout Namibia and FNB’s support will ensure that they receive the necessary attention they deserve. Cloete added: “Weaners play an important role in food security and are the next line of young animals which will either be exported to feedlots or kept on farms where they will be raised as oxen to be slaughtered through slaughter houses when they reach their optimal weight.”

Source : New Era