FNB Helps Journos Read Financial Statements

Earlier this week, FNB Namibia invited 20 journalists from various local media houses to a training course aimed at sharpening their skill in financial reporting. The course was held at the FNB Namibia training centre at the Old Power Station in Windhoek. Professor Nixon Kariithi, Managing Director of Tangaza Africa Media used a series of financial reports to train the journalists and helped inspire confidance in the number-shy bunch.

Vicky Muranda of FNB Holdings said, “At FNB Namibia we decided that we needed to be innovative and instead of spoiling the media as value added partners wih a farewell or welcome event, we chose to spend the money on training our economics and financial journalists. We know that financial reporting is not an easy area to master and that many gifted journalists shy away from it. FNB therefore brought Professor Kariithi here and he provided the media with unforgettable and valueble tips.

” Honorine Kaze of The Villager said, “It was great to see the easiness that one can navigate with while writing financial stories. Professor Nixon pointed out stories which we might miss and aised us on how to make a financial story easy for our readers. I am very thankful to FNB for arranging that training. It was helpful and well organised.” Francis Xoagub of the Windhoek Observer said the workshop was superb and refreshed his knowledge of financial reporting.

Said Xoagub, “Considering the challenges faced by financial journalist, there was no shortage of intelligent and even humorous questions from the group of reporters from both the electronic and print media assembled in theworkshop, which seasoned educator Nixon facilitated. We really got the opportunity to learn from the horse’s mouth about latest trends in financial journalism. This was an outstanding programme. It offers constructive ideas that I can immediately apply, and important resources, including colleagues to network with in the future.” The training took place over the course of two days and started on Monday 24 March. Members of the media were presented with certificates at the end of the workshop and even got an opportunity to pose questions to FNB Namibia Chief Executive Officer, Ian Leyenaar.

Source : Namibia Economist