Foetus Found At Dumpsite

Keetmanshoop dumpsite workers made a gruesome discovery when they stumbled upon the foetus of boy on Friday afternoon. The Keetmanshoop Municipality waste supervisor, Joseph Apollus, said he suspected the foetus was part of hospital waste.

“We thought at first it was from the Kronlein residential area, but the driver of the waste lorry said the last load came from the hospital. So I really do not know,” he said.

Meanwhile, although the incident was reported immediately to the Keetmanshoop Police they failed to turn up at the scene after being notified.

“I called the police, but they did not come to the scene while I was there, they have also not contacted me yet for any information,” said Appollus.

This discovery came almost a year after a dead baby was found on the same dumpsite allegedly from the Tseiblaagte residential area. All calls made by New Era to the Keetmanshoop Police proved fruitless.

Source : New Era