’Follow Swapo Land Policy’

CHANCES that Job Amupanda and his comrades will get the Henties Bay plots hang in the balance after Erongo council officials were told to follow Swapo party guidelines on land allocation.

The meeting comes about two weeks after the suspended Swapo youth leader Amupanda announced that the Henties Bay municipality had offered him and 120 others land through his Affirmative Repositioning movement.

The Swapo manifesto however only says more money should be made available to assist local authorities to increase the supply of serviced residential land.

Henties Bay acting chief executive officer Bianca Nguaiko confirmed offering Amupanda and his comrades – George Kambala, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma land.

She said Amupanda, Kambala and Nauyoma together with a fourth person who was not named. had submitted applications under the movement. Nguaiko said the trio would receive letters once council minutes are confirmed and objections called for before the matter is forwarded to the minister of urban and rural development, Sophia Shaningwa. Speaking to The Namibian yesterday, Philipus Heita, Swapo party Erongo coordinator admitted that he reminded council officials to follow the party policy on land at a meeting held last Wednesday at Swakopmund.

Although Heita denied that the meeting had dwelt on the land issue and Amupanda’s Affirmative Repositioning movement, he admitted that part of the discussion was on how councils should allocate land.

“The meeting was not called to instruct [councils] on how to address the land issue as they already have a Local Authorities Act which directs them. I called them to go through the Swapo’s party manifesto,” he said.

Heita further said this was meant to remind them of what government expects them to do in addressing the land issue.

“All Namibians have the right to apply for land individually. What we do not support is him (Amupanda) representing the people as the leader of Affirmative Repositioning,” Heita said.

Unconfirmed reports said that the meeting was called after President Hage Geingob had ordered Heita to address the issue of Henties Bay offering plots to Amupanda and his comrades.

“He ordered the party’s regional coordinator for Erongo to convene a meeting with all the mayors in the region last week to discuss it,” the source said.

Heita, however, denied that he acted after Geingob had ordered him to look into the matter, saying he only deals with party issues.

“If he intervened on party matters then I can come in,” Heita said, adding that maybe Shaningwa was contacted on that specific issue.

Shaningwa also said she had no knowledge about it and that she could only comment if details of the issue reached her office.

Henties Bay mayor Aila Maria Haufiku on Tuesday said she only read about the offering of plots in the newspapers as it is still a decision that needs to be approved by council.

She also denied knowledge of a directive from Geingob, saying she is currently on leave and returns to office today.

Swapo secretary general Nangolo Mbumba also said he was not aware of such a presidential directive.

“I am not in the loop on that one. I did not talk to the President about that. Its a local authority issue and a government issue, not a party issue.”

Yesterday Amupanda said he was aware of the meeting and that their fight is a struggle and not a love story.

“We hear they want to take everything from us including our socks.

They told us to follow procedures now they are threatening people. In any struggle there are difficulties that must be overcome.

“What happened to ‘no Namibian must feel left out’? It is clearly remixed to ‘no Namibian except Job, George and Dimbulukeni must feel left out’. We will battle until our last oxygen.We didn’t apply to be Namibians,” he said.

Amupanda also updated his Facebook page last week that they had established on good authority that top level politicians and their local clients are hard at work threatening, intimidating and ordering the municipality of Henties Bay to reverse its decision.

The Namibian understands that the application of the Amupanda plots still need to be signed by the Henties Bay chief executive officer Reinhard Ochs, before it goes through to management commitee then to full council and afterwards to Shaningwa for the final decision. During this phase, it is expected that the council will block the trio’s applications.

Source : The Namibian