Football clubs need to organize themselves and bring in more supporters to stadiums: Barry Rukoro

WINDHOEK: Football clubs need to organise themselves and bring in more supporters to stadiums, the Namibia Football Association (NFA)’s Secretary-General (SG) Barry Rukoro said yesterday.

He made the statement during the awards’ ceremony for the 2014 Bidvest Namibia Cup, which concluded on 07 June this year.

He said this year, the Bidvest Namibia Cup was big and better because they are delivering on what they promised when they signed the contract a year ago, but one big problem is that supporters are not coming in large numbers, and this does not show a good picture to the sponsors.

Rukoro noted that in order to get more Cup competitions from different sponsors, clubs and supporters should work out a joint strategy on getting more fans to the stadiums.

He said mobilization is needed on the ground because if we fill the stadiums to the maximum, other companies would want to sponsor football events in the country.