Foreigners Unsuitable to Run Soes – NUNW

The secretary general of the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW), Job Muniaro, is against the hiring of foreigners to run state-owned enterprises (SOEs), saying this concept has failed to deliver the desired results and it financially drains the country .

Speaking to New Era on Tuesday, Muniaro said year in, year out companies such as TransNamib, the Roads Contractor Company (RCC) and Air Namibia knock on government’s doors for bailouts.

“These foreigners only come here to milk our country. Most of them are paid millions of dollars in salaries, but they don’t care about the wellbeing of our people because they are not their brothers and sisters, nor do they care about the companies they run, all they want is money,” he said.

“It is clear they are only coming to loot our resources,” said the unionist.

“Look at Air Namibia, there are foreigners involved and the company is moving nowhere. At RCC foreigners are involved and the company is moving nowhere, the same with TransNamib. Now Saara Naanda is being sidelined apparently for the so-called turnaround strategy,” thundered the outspoken unionist.

“We have enough educated people in this country, let them run state-owned enterprises and you will see the difference,” he added.

Muniaro says as long as SOEs are run by foreigners these institutions will remain bankrupt and continue asking for state bailouts.

“These foreigners don’t have the interest of the country at heart – all they want is to milk this country and go back to where they come from,” Muniaro charged.

“In fact they (foreigners) are targeting these three institutions for their own benefit,” he added.

Muniaro says retrenching workers could bring instability in the country because when people are retrenched they will take to the streets.

“This notion of retrenching workers should be condemned,” he says.

On its part the union is in talks with both the management of TransNamib and the RCC to halt the planned retrenchments.

“We had a meeting this morning with the ministry of labour and we are trying our best to address the issue of retrenchment,” he stated.

Last week TransNamib and RCC announced the ill-timed plans to retrench over 2 000 employees.

This came just five months after TransNamib announced an 180-day turnaround strategy to cut losses and have the company concentrate on its “core business”.

Plans to retrench employees received wide condemnation from the youth wing of the ruling party Swapo on Friday.

Last week the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) wowed to support the NUNW and Namibian Transport and Allied Workers (Natau) in their dispute over the controversial restructuring plans.

SPYL said it would rally all of Swapo into mass action if the two state-owned companies press ahead with their planned retrenchments.

Source : New Era