Former Guard Guilty of Two Murders

A FORMER security guard who admitted in the Windhoek High Court last year that he murdered his pregnant wife by strangling her, was also convicted on a second murder charge yesterday.

Aloyis Ditshabue (43) was found guilty of the murder of his pregnant wife, Marcella Ditshabue (33), in the Aminuis area during the night of 16 to 17 February 2008, and further convicted of murdering his subsequent girlfriend, Alida Kambende (36), at Gobabis on 10 July 2011.

Judge Maphios Cheda is due to sentence Ditshabue on the two charges on Monday.

Ditshabue admitted at the start of his trial in August last year that he murdered his wife by strangling her with his bare hands. He denied that he was guilty of murdering Kambende, who died after she had been stabbed six times with a knife.

Following the delivery of the verdict in his trial yesterday Ditshabue told the judge that he strangled his late wife because she had grabbed him by his private parts after he had found her in their house with another man. He did not intend to kill her, he said.

Marcella Ditshabue was the mother of his five children, Ditshabue said.

He also told Judge Cheda he is maintaining that he was not responsible for the killing of Kambende. He was employed at a security company at Gobabis when Kambende was killed, Ditshabue said.

Judge Cheda noted in his judgement that according to witnesses who testified during the trial Ditshabue and Kambende were not on good terms during the week before she was stabbed to death.The evidence also indicated that Ditshabue had been moody and uncommunicative during the morning before the stabbing.

The judge further noted that two witnesses saw Ditshabue kneeling at the side of the stabbed Kambonde, with a knife in his hand, in her house before he turned the knife on himself and stabbed himself in the chest.

Ditshabue did not testify in his own defence after the prosecution closed its case against him. That was his constitutional right to do, but it also left the prosecution’s evidence uncontradicted by any testimony from his side, Judge Cheda said.

The judge found that the only reasonable inference that could be drawn from the evidence before the court was that Ditshabue had killed Kambende and then tried to commit suicide.

Defence lawyer Willem Visser is representing Ditshabue, who has been kept in custody since July 2011. State aocate Jack Eixab conducted the prosecution.

Source : The Namibian