Former President appeals to Namibian men to stop senseless killing of women

WINDHOEK: Former President Sam Nujoma has appealed to Namibian men to stop the senseless killing of women.

The former President made the appeal while speaking during the 36th commemoration of Cassinga Day in Windhoek yesterday.

Nujoma stated during the commemoration event held at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Katutura that a growing number of gruesome murders of women by their partners have been recorded in recent years, saying that these senseless killings were a further body-blow to the Swapo-Party Government’s efforts to effectively address the epidemic of so-called ‘passion killings’ in the country.

The former President particularly expressed dismay and dissatisfaction at the brutal murder of the 24-year-old Mirjam Tuyakula Nandjato, who was killed at Oshakati in February this year, allegedly by her boyfriend, Ananias Nailenge.

The alleged 25-year-old self-confessed killer (Nailenge) has since been taken into police custody with no option to post bail.

Nujoma seriously warned Namibian men and boys not to try to disturb the current peace and stability existing in the country with such acts of violence.