Former Stoffels Murder Suspect Arrested for Bestiality

JUNIAS Fillipus, who was arrested on suspicions of murdering schoolgirl Magdalena Stoffels in Windhoek in 2010, has been detained by the Ohangwena police after being arrested on charges of bestiality.

Ohangwena crime investigations coordinator Abner Agas confirmed on Friday that the 33-year-old Fillipus was in custody.

Fillipus was arrested for the rape and brutal killing of Dawid Bezuidenhoudt schoolgirl Stoffels in July 2010. He was however acquitted by the court and released.

“We arrested him at Onaghulo village after an elderly woman in the village laid a charge of bestiality against him,” Agas said.

Bestiality is illegal in Namibia.

The murder of Stoffels on 27 July 2010 in Windhoek sent shockwaves throughout Namibia. The 17-year-old Grade 11 pupil was found dead in a riverbed near her school with her throat slit.

That morning, a police officer had allegedly seen Fillipus washing his clothes in a riverbed approximately 500 metres from where Stoffels’ body was found.

The officer arrested Fillipus in connection with Stoffels’ death.

When the results of forensic tests were received nearly a year later, the DNA profile obtained from the schoolgirl’s body was not that of Fillipus. All charges against him were then withdrawn on 13 May 2013, and he was released from police custody.

In the latest case it is alleged that Fillipus was seen having sexual intercourse with a goat in a kraal of the complainant by her grandchildren on 10 March 2014 at around 09h00. The complainant is said to be his aunt.

Ohangwena regional police commander, commissioner Tylves Kampolo also confirmed the arrest.

“He appeared in the Ohangwena Magistrate’s Court on 12 March 2014,” Kampolo said, adding that his next court appearance will be on 25 July 2014.

Fillipus informed the court that he will apply for a state lawyer through the Ministry of Justice’s legal aid directorate. He was granted bail of N$1 000, which he failed to pay. The bail was reduced to N$600, but he also failed to pay. His bail has been reduced further to N$300, an amount which Fillipus is still unable to pay.

The police transported Fillipus to the Ohangwena region in May last year, shortly after his release from custody in connection with the murder case. He sued the police for unlawful arrest, unlawful detention and malicious prosecution for nearly N$3 million, immediately after his release from custody last year.

He claimed N$2 million for spending nine-and-a-half months in custody, N$200 000 for unlawful arrest, N$250 000 for humiliation and N$250 000 for malicious prosecution.

No other suspect has been arrested in connection with Stoffels’ death so far.

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Source : The Namibian